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    “Calories don’t count on the weekend!”

    A delectable dessert awaits at the Crescent City Grill courtyard in Hattiesburg.

  • Visit Hattiesburg
    “A weekend well spent.”

    Customers search for hidden treasures at McKenzie's on Main in Historic Downtown Hattiesburg.

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    “Kick your weekend up a notch!”


    Local artist Vasti Jackson captivates spectators during HUBFEST, an annual arts and heritage street festival held in Historic Downtown Hattiesburg.

  • Visit Hattiesburg
    “A weekend to remember.”

    The Veterans Memorial Park in Hattiesburg proudly displays an American flag.

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Welcome to Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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You may not know it yet, but at your fingertips is a passport to a virtual journey. It’s a journey that will weave you in and out of places marked by the local flavor of unassuming folks who never meet a stranger and always make a friend. It's a journey that will take you through kitchens that cook up some of the South's finest food, into shops that invite you with beautiful window displays and wonderful wares, and to places and events steeped in a culture unique to Hattiesburg.

And when our virtual journey is complete, and you’re ready to truly experience Hattiesburg for yourself, make your first stop at the place where the welcome mat is always out and the people inside are always smiling. The Hattiesburg Visitors Center, conveniently located at the intersection of I-59 and Highway 49, is as easy to find as the tip of your nose. Best of all, our Tourism Ambassadors, awaiting your visit there, will ensure you leave no page unturned in your visit to Hattiesburg.

So if you’re ready for a sneak peek, just follow my lead, and when we come across something I think is extra-special, I’ll let you know. After all, you’re my guest, Hattiesburg is my town and we’re growing our circle of friends one visit at a time!