Meeting Planner's Checklist

We like to think that it's never too late to contact VISITHATTIESBURG for help with your upcoming convention, but, no matter when you need us, we are committed to helping you with your plans. We want to assist you every step along the way, so whether it be more than 24 months in advance or 2 weeks prior to your event, utilize our meeting planner's checklist to be there with you when we can't.

Event Planning Tips

More than 24 Months Prior

  • Establish objectives and goals for the Convention
  • Discuss possible and alternate dates
  • Launch the research on destination, venue and accommodation options

24 Months Prior

  • Nominate and form Convention Committees
  • Develop a preliminary budget
  • Select dates
  • Select destination
  • Begin to establish a Convention theme

18 Months Prior

  • Finalize selection of Convention venue
  • Perform housing bids with VISITHATTIESBURG
  • Form a list of potential registrants
  • Begin research on prospective suppliers

16 Months Prior

  • Establish a need for exhibit space and the rates/costs involved
  • Send announcement mailer to potential delegates
  • Select service providers and sign contracts
  • Research and invite speakers
  • Determine food and beverage needs with venue and/or caterer

12 Months Prior

  • Mail registration packets to potential delegates
  • Process registrations as they are received
  • Begin venue and hotel diagrams and arrangements
  • Review venue and/or caterer menus

6 Months Prior

  • Confirm contracts with all service providers
  • Select menus
  • Communicate with VISITHATTIESBURG about Red Carpet Services
  • Converse with Director of Sales at chosen accommodations

4 Months Prior

  • Review sleeping room block and pickup
  • Make payment arrangements
  • Follow up again with service providers/suppliers
  • Begin work on Convention programs if applicable
  • Create a database of registrants already committed to Convention

1-2 Months Prior

  • Contact printing company concerning Convention program
  • Work with VISITHATTIESBURG to confirm services

2-4 Weeks Prior

  • Submit final numbers to VISITHATTIESBURG for services
  • Review sleeping room block and pickup
  • Submit finalized list of registrants to VISITHATTIESBURG
  • Finalize information with venue and suppliers
  • Look forward to your memorable trip to Hattiesburg