Sample Itineraries

We encourage you to use the friendly and professional staff at VISITHATTIESBURG™ to help you customize a tour itinerary perfectly suited for your group's interest. From half- and multiple-day itineraries to itineraries that hub-and-spoke, our knowledgeable staff has the resources and creativity needed to make your job easier and your group's experience more memorable.


There are a few sites we simply must insist upon for your visit to Hattiesburg. So, take our word for it, and be sure you make time for some of Hattie's personal favorites.

All-American City Tour
"Stop and smell the roses" and walk through the trenches of our WWI heroes on this all-American city tour of Hattiesburg.
First: The All-American Rose Garden at The University of Southern Mississippi
Next: A portrait of an all-American city told through The Spirit That Builds Mural
Lunch: Farmer's Market Buffet
Then: "Salute to America!"—A tour of the MS Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby

All-American Rose Garden · The University of Southern Mississippi
A favorite photo opportunity, the garden features over 750 award-winning bushes · 20 minutes suggested · FREE

Hattie's History Lesson Tour
From art to architecture, Historic Downtown showcases Hattiesburg's history through a distinctively upbeat experience with a unique blend of specialty shops, locally owned restaurants and art galleries for visitors to enjoy.
First: Hattiesburg's History told through The Spirit That Builds Mural
Next: 1920's tour of the Historic Saenger Theatre
Then: Shopping Tour of historic Downtown
Dinner: A true fine dining experience at 206 Front, Brownstone's or Walnut Circle Grill in Historic Downtown

Hattiesburg Visitors Center
Enjoy complimentary refreshments and an unforgettable serving of Hattiesburg's hallmark hospitality · 30 minutes suggested · FREE

Hub & Spoke Tours
Tour #1: Laurel, MS
Only 20 miles away, VISITHATTIESBURG™ can easily package an itinerary that includes some of Laurel's best-kept secrets. The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art boasts more than 2,000 items in its collection and over 10,000 square feet of galleries and exhibition areas. The museum is noted for its collections of English Georgian silver, Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and Native American baskets. To complement this cultural experience, your group can travel back in American history through an educational experience at Landrum's Homestead & Village.
Tour #2: Collins, MS
VISITHATTIESBURG™ can package an itinerary including a variety of unique experiences offered in Collins, MS, also just a 20-minute drive away. From exploring furniture making at a German Baptist village to peanut farming, groups can enjoy a pre-arranged tour that is truly unlike any other.

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum
An immersive and patriotic experience featuring a "live" WWI battle trench · 2 hours suggested · FREE

Saenger Theater
Swing to the sounds of the theater's original 1929 Robert Morton pipe organ · 30 minutes suggested · FREE

The Spirit That Builds (Mural)
An artistic masterpiece, this 167-foot mural is a storybook history of South Mississippi · 45 minutes suggested · FREE


When it comes to food, we know our stuff, and so do the culinary experts. They say some of these local favorites are among the best in Mississippi, but we encourage you to adopt our method … and let your own palate speak for itself!

206 Front · fine dining
Combines an open kitchen, a creative menu and local art for a hip dining experience.

Bianchi's Pizzeria · casual dining
Delicious gourmet pizzas prepared in an authentic Italian, wood-fired brick oven, served in a great downtown atmosphere.

Brownstone's · casual dining
Experience New Orleans from the Cajun menu to the Bourbon Street balcony.

Crescent City Grill · casual dining
An extensive menu featuring Robert St. John's famed corn and crab bisque.

Purple Parrot Cafe · casual dining
A contemporary and sophisticated setting compliments an exquisite menu.

Walnut Circle Grill · fine dining
Live entertainment in the courtyard makes this Tuscan-style experience distinct.