Entertaining Your Group

During the tournament, you and your team can experience our city's vibrant character through Hattiesburg's variety of itineraries and daily attractions and activities. We at VISITHATTIESBURG encourage you to get the team inspired by visiting locations that can only be found in our area and creating memories that will be treasured for years to come. Below, we've suggested some tried-and-true activities, but, if you don't see what you're looking for, let us know. Hattiesburg has adventures to fit every team's personality.

All-American Rose Garden · The University of Southern Mississippi
A favorite photo opportunity, the garden features over 750 award-winning bushes.
20 minutes suggested · FREE

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum
An immersive and patriotic experience featuring a "live" WWI battle trench.
2 hours suggested · FREE

Saenger Theater
Swing to the sounds of the theater's original 1929 Robert Morton pipe organ.
30 minutes suggested · FREE

The Spirit That Builds (Mural)
An artistic masterpiece, this 167-foot mural is a storybook history of South Mississippi
45 minutes suggested · FREE

Tours of Other Area Attractions
The itineraries are about as endless as the number of distinctive attractions found in Hattiesburg. While we've listed some that we think are great for your group, the list goes on. Contact us for more details, and your group is sure to make new memories in Hattiesburg!