Sports Planner's Checklist

We like to think that it's never too late to contact VISITHATTIESBURG for help with your upcoming sporting event, but, no matter when you need us, we are committed to helping you with your plans. We want to assist you every step along the way, so whether it be more than 24 months in advance or 2 weeks prior to your tournament, utilize our checklist to be there with you when we can't.

Event Planning Tips

More than 12 Months Prior

  • Organize a Tournament Committee
  • Discuss possible and alternate dates
  • Launch the research on destination, venue and accommodation options
  • Begin building a team invitation list
  • Start designing a budget

12 Months Prior

  • Select a date
  • Select a host city/complex
  • Conduct site inspections at potential complexes in your chosen city
  • Research accommodations
  • Mail invitations to teams

9 Months Prior

  • Perform housing bids with VISITHATTIESBURG
  • Compile finalized guest list
  • Begin determining a daily tournament schedule
  • Finalize selection of sites and accommodations and sign contracts

6 Months Prior

  • Establish all rates/costs involved and inform teams
  • Start to plan meals with venues, restaurants and caterers if necessary
  • Select any service providers and sign contracts
  • Begin contacting potential sponsors
  • Research travel arrangements

3 Months Prior

  • Plan group itineraries with VISITHATTIESBURG
  • Plan Red Carpet Services with VISITHATTIESBURG
  • Finalize arrangements with city/complex
  • Visit and become familiarized with host complex

2-4 Weeks Prior

  • Finalize sponsors
  • Touch base with venue and accommodation contacts
  • Finalize with VISITHATTIESBURG your Red Carpet Services
  • Get ready to play ball!