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Hattiesburg... where dreams come true.

Hattiesburg... where dreams come true.

The Miss Hospitality Pageant.

Miss Hospitality

Mississippi Miss Hospitality Pageant

Promoting Mississippi’s tourism with beauty and grace

Since 1997, Hattiesburg has been the proud host of the Mississippi Miss Hospitality Pageant. The state pageant welcomes 38 contestants representing various Mississippi counties and towns. All young ladies are between the ages of 18 and 24 and demonstrate an ability to promote Mississippi’s tourism.

The Miss Hospitality Pageant first began under the direction of Governor Fielding Wright and the Mississippi Legislature in 1947. When the legislature voted to discontinue the pageant, the Starkville Area Chamber of Commerce stepped in and received sponsorship. Starkville was the host of the Miss Hospitality Pageant from 1986 until 1997. Hattiesburg petitioned for sponsorship in 1997 when Starkville’s Board of Directors began looking for a new city to serve as the state pageant’s new location.

The Miss Hospitality Pageant includes two separate pageants. Through a series of judging events, the local pageant chooses a young contestant that will represent her hometown or county at the state pageant. At the state pageant, contestants must answer more concise questions relevant to Mississippi’s tourism and participate in the following competitions: One-on-One Interview Competition, Mississippi Speech Competition, Commercial/Black Dress Competition and the Evening Gown Competition.

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